Which laptop is Best HP or Dell? Del Vs HP brand Comparison

4 Mins Read | Updated on 27 April 2022.

If you are reading this article, that concludes that you are looking to buy a laptop but might have confusion about which laptop is Best HP or Dell? 

First of all, you are not alone, my dear friend. Most of the new buyers come with the same question: Which laptop is best dell or hp? So, here is my findings which I observed after using both brands of laptops.

If that is your concern, then don’t worry. You are at the right place.

This article on Dell Vs HP will give you brief information about both the brands and their pros and cons, which will help you a clear insight to choose the best for your need.


Dell is undoubtedly the best laptop to buy if you are looking for numerous features like high-quality display, perfect sound, and after-sales service. 

On the other side, if you are looking for a laptop in the low to mid-range of the budget with powerpack battery life, HP laptops are the best to buy. 

Moreover, Both laptops come with standard features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and touchscreen capabilities. However, while they offer a wide range of options and features, they may not satisfy all users’ needs at all times. 

Dell Vs HP Comparison

Here are my findings when I made Dell and HP Laptop comparisons. Moreover, I have also narrowed it down to the best laptops per the needs.

So if you are a student, which Laptop is best for you, if you are looking for the best Laptop for day-to-day use then which Laptop you can go with, and so on.

So without any further delay, let’s find which Laptop wins the race of best laptops to buy in 2022.

Dell vs HP – Company History

Dell is an American-based company that Michael Dell founded in 1984. As per the report published by Fortune.com, dell has over 165,000 employees across the globe.

Moreover, Dell is well known for Laptops, personal computers (PCs), servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, computer peripherals, printers, and other electronics products.

However, all personal computers (PCs) and Laptops are the primary focus of dell.

As per the report mentioned on Wikipedia, Dell is the world’s 3rd largest personal computer vendor by unit sales as of January 2021.


Hewlett-Packard, well-known as HP, is also an American-based company, and its headquarter is in Palo Alto, California. 

In 1939 The company came in excit when Bill Hewlett and David Packard founded this company in a one-car garage.

At its initial stage, the company produced a line of electronic test and measurement equipment, and later they came to the market of Laptops and other hardware peripherals.

2007 to the second quarter of 2013 was the Golden Period for HP when it became the world’s leading PC manufacturer and became one of the most selling computer companies.

Dell vs HP Laptops – Design


Dell Laptops are well-known for their compact and well-designed look with powerful features. 

Moreover, the build quality of dell laptops are even excellent, and the material used to build the laptops keeps them thin and light in weight.

If the look is one of your priorities with the features, you can go with the Dell Inspiron and XPS models. These models have the most eye-catching design.

However, if you have a limited budget, I prefer HP over dell as most Dell low-budget laptops have identical designs. 

HP features sleek, sophisticated designs that attract customers with an affordable price range.

HP Elitebook and HP Pavilion are perfect examples of their design. However, HP can improve its build quality to win over dell. 

Moreover, you also have to compromise on some of the features if your priority is a well-designed Laptop.

Dell Vs HP Laptops – Components

Dell laptops are available in all processors like Dual-core processors, AMD, and Intel Processor for hardware components.

So if your budget is low, dell has multiple laptops which offer dual-core processors, and as per your budget, you can move on to a high-range processor.

Talking about the RAM and Hard drive components, you will find a wide range of availability where the basic model starts with 4 GB of RAM with 1 TB HDD.

Dell has several laptops which come with HDD+SSD. So you can buy as per your need.

HP Laptop has a wide range of hardware components at a budget-friendly price tag available in the basic model of HP. 

HP laptops come with the processors like Ryzen, assemble low-budget laptops, and are the best for beginners looking for an introductory laptop on a limited budget.

Moreover, HP comes with Radeon graphics, which are best for gaming, and the price is also significantly less than Intel graphics cards.

So if you are a day-to-day user and looking for a basic model laptop for things like watching movies, playing mid-range of games and software, then HP can save you more money in compression to dell.



Dell laptop offers all variants of screen sizes that start from 13 inches to 17-inch. The Inbuild- graphics card provides you with a high-resolution viewing experience.

Moreover, an in-build app like Dell cinema provides you with a perfect viewing experience and multiple options that enhance the visual quality.

HP Laptop with a low budget range offers you a Radeon Graphic card. The main drawback of these Radeon Graphic cards is that they provide a poor visual experience.

Moreover, you will not get the features like an anti-glare display, which induces a dull display. The HP laptops also offer you the screen size starting from 13 inches and ending at 17-inch.

So, If you are looking for a mid-range laptop with refined features, you have to compromise the display quality.


Dell laptops are available in all ranges of HDD and Memory starting from 4 GB + 512 GB of storage. As the configuration increase, the price increase. 

You will get multiple options to choose from where you can buy a laptop with dual RAM and storage, including SSD + HDD.

However, in my personal experience, most of the Dell laptops featuring HDD have a slow performance issue.

The OS crash is also one of the biggest challenges I faced with the Dell laptop, where the windows were shipped from dell itself.

HP laptops also offer you a wide range of storage options, including 4GM Memory with 512 GM SSD.

Moreover, continuously using the HP Laptop for 1 year, I never faced any operating system or performance issues.

However, the only point I observe is that some of the basic models of HP don’t have the option to upgrade to SSD with HDD, which is disappointing for me.



Dell laptops come with a 3-cell battery with an average battery life of up to 3 to 4 hrs, which depends on your useability, as I told you earlier. 

The battery warranty lasts for 1 year in case of the battery gets faulty. However, Dell offers you an option to buy an addon warranty on a battery that lasts up to 3 years.

Yes, you get it right, you have to pay an extra amount for that, and if you observe the battery dell offers with an additional warranty, it always has a 4cell battery, which is much costlier than a 3-cell battery.

HP laptops also feature a 3-cell battery with an average battery life of 4 to 5 hrs. Again it depends on your usability.

In my case, for the first 1 and a half years, HP gave me the same battery backup once I charged it ultimately. HP offers better battery backup because of the processor and the display HP laptops offers.

To cross-verify, I have gone to the Q & A sections of multiple posts and multiple e-commerce sites and found the same answer. HP is much better than Dell in battery performance, even in low-budget laptops.

Note: Battery performance, let me clear one thing. Battery performance is not based on a single thing. There are multiple reasons for Low battery performance. It might be because of various reasons, such as using numerous applications simultaneously or consuming HD videos over standard videos.

In-build Applications

Dell is well ahead of many laptop brands in terms of Innovation. A few of the most popular dell innovations are Dell Mobile connect, Dell Cinema, and the Dell AI application named Support assistant.

Dell Mobile connect: It’ll allow you to connect your system with your smartphone, where you can access your mobile direct from your Laptop.

With Dell mobile connect, you can answer your calls and manage your messages and other notifications without any 3rd party application.

Dell Cinema: It enhances the display color, contrast, and white point to deliver rich and more detailed color, improving the display quality and viewing experience. 

Support assistant tool: It’s an inbuilt AI tool that helps find the faulty hardware component. So if something is not working as it should be, you can use this tool.

It helps you to find the faulty hardware component if there is any.

Moreover, you can check and upgrade the hardware drivers by clicking a single button that will show the driver list, if any. Also, you can raise your complaint direct from this tool.

HP offers multiple In-build apps, which makes your job much easier. A few applications are HP Support assist, HP Audio Control, Hp switch audio, and HP Smart.

Like Dell Support assist, you can download the drivers, check the hardware functionality, and contact the HP support team with HP support assist.

It also assists you in troubleshooting steps if any hardware or software isn’t working correctly.

Sound & Camera

Dell laptops have much more perfect sound quality in compression to HP. The speakers provide you with excellent sound quality.

Moreover, the in-build app named Wavemax allows you to adjust the sound quality as per your need.

Dell offers you an average webcam regarding the in-built camera quality if you go with low-budget laptops. Most of the models come with a VGA camera with inferior video quality.

HP laptops are just ok with the sound quality. The only problem is that the HP laptop has no such option which allows you to adjust the sound quality.

However, I am surprised to see HP laptops’ built-in camera quality in their low-budget laptops. It’s far better than the Dell webcam with the same price tag.

Dell vs HP – Warranty

Dell offers 3 types of warranty, Onsite warranty, carry-in service center warranty, and Self-service by customers.

Before I dive into it and tell you what all these warranties are, you must understand the category of warranty dell has.

So, Dell categorizes the warranty into 2 sections: The Basic hardware support and the Premium dell warranty support.

What does it mean?

The Basic hardware support warranty only covers the manufacturing defect of the hardware component. The issue related to software will not cover under the basic warranty.

However, you can take complimentary support from the dell support executive, but dell will not send you any engineer to your location in case of a software issue.

On the other hand, Premium support has the option where if you need an engineer at your location for the software issue, you will get that.

HP laptops also have the same warranty type as dell offers.

Additionally, both the brands have a few add-on warranties: Extended battery warranty, Accidental damage warranty, Extended warranty, and Keep your hardware warranty and International warranty.

Dell vs HP – Customer support


Dell’s after-sales service is excellent. The customer support for a basic warranty is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 pm. Moreover, Whatsapp support is 24/7.

You can log all your hardware or software issues directly from your phone without carrying your system anywhere.

Dell also helps y fix the software issues related to the operating system, Microsoft office, and McAfee antivirus if these are shipped from dell.

You don’t have to call the Microsoft or McAfee teams for activation or similar problems.

Moreover, if you are not comfortable in on-call troubleshooting, you can carry your laptop to the nearby dell authorized service center, where they will fix the issue.

Dell Toll-free number for hardware support: 1800 425 2067.

HP Can improve their support a little bit. I have had some bad experiences with HP customer support.

The first thing is the wait time is much high, and the second thing is there is a limited service center HP has all over India.

The supported limit is pretty less in compression to dell when it comes to software support. From the customer support perspective, Dell is much better than HP.

HP toll-free number – 18004254999 or 30304499

HP WhatsApp: 7864826615

Dell vs HP – Price Comparison

Dell laptops are undoubtedly more expensive in compression to dell when it comes to pricing. Dell Laptop range starts from 28k ( approx).

On the other side, you can buy a basic HP laptop model at the price tag of 20k. However, there is a difference between the features, which is quite obese.

Best Dell laptops to buy in 2022?

There are numerous dell laptop models available in the market that you can buy. You can buy Dell Vostro 3400 if you are looking for a budget laptop.

If you have a high budget and are looking for the most powerful and high-performance Dell laptop, you can buy Dell XPS 9310.

However, if your budget is low, you can buy Dell Vostro 3510 Laptop, perfect for students and office use.

Best HP laptops to buy in 2022?

Similar to dell laptops, there are various HP Laptops available in the market. However, a few of the best HP-perfect models that you can buy are below.

The first model is the HP Pavilion 15-EG2036TU, one of the high range HP laptops available in the market and is on-trend.

The second best Hp model is HP 15- AMD Ryzen 3-3250, which I bought for my brother a few months back, and till now, I have not found any issue with this model.

Finally, the best low-budget HP laptop that you can buy is HP Chromebook 14-na0003TU, so if you have a low budget and looking to buy an HP laptop, then this model is a perfect choice.

Which laptop is Best HP or Dell Frequent asked question

I have added some of the frequently asked questions about Which laptop is Best HP or Dell

Dell WhatsApp support number is 9686863355, available 24/7, including holidays.

You can check the list of authorized dell service centers near you by visiting the dell official website. Click on the carry-in service center option from the list.

If you are looking for essential use like running basic software or watching movies and playing games, I suggest you go with HP laptops.

Howerver, if you are a student with a software background, then Dell is the far better option in compression to HP for the long run.

Onsite warranty:-  If your system has any hardware issue, in that case, first you have to call the customer support team. 

They will troubleshoot and try to fix the issue on the call, and if any hardware issue is found, they will send you the engineer to replace the part.

Carry-in service warranty:- You have the option to take your laptop to the nearby authorized service center to fix the issue.

Self-service:-  So parts like RAM, HDD, Battery, Adapter, or adapter cable can be easily replaced by the customers.

So if you have any issue with these components, the respective brand will send you the part directly to your location, where you can replace the part on your own.

Conclusion | Noise Air Buds Plus Prince in India

Dell laptops are best to buy if you’re looking for a high-quality product and numerous features with no boundary in the price range.

However, if you are looking for budget-friendly laptops with basic features, HP laptops are the best to buy.

Additionally, Dell has the most satisfactory after-sell service where customer support and part replacement process are far better and quicker than HP.

However, you have all the options available as both the brands have their own pros and cons.

So, which laptop is best hp or dell? Do you find the best for you? Let me know in the comment section.

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