What is TWS earbuds and how does it works? A complete Info

5 Mins Read | Updated on 27 April 2022.

TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. TWS earbuds is a technology that allows you to connect your earbuds via Bluetooth. Moreover, the technology will enable you to transmit your left earbud’s L channel, and the R channel means your right earbud, separately. Now let’s find out how it works.


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TWS technology is not limited to devices like earbuds or chargers. The actual meaning of TWS that its a technology that allows connecting devices via Bluetooth.

So all those devices which are not connected physically but connect via Bluetooth fall under TWS technology.

So always remember there is a difference between the TWS earbuds and TWS technology. However, earbuds and chargers are some devices using TWS technology extensively.

The technology was first introduced by Apple, where they came up with this technology and started providing earbuds with their Apple Phone, and nowadays, the TWS earbuds are in trend.

What is TWS Earbuds Mean

TWS in earbuds means the earbuds are accessible without any cable, and you can connect it via Bluetooth. Moreover, the TWS technology allows you to transmit the L channel, your left earbud, and the R channel means the right earbud separately.

The significant advantage of TWS earbuds is you don’t have to start connecting with the cables to stick to your phone or PC for your work.

These earbuds allow you the freedom to move without being sticky in a place. 

How does TWS Bluetooth works in earbuds?


TWS  earbuds comprise 9 components: Speaker, audio codecs, Bluetooth, the system on a chip or SoC, PCB (printed circuit board), Lithium-Ion battery, accelerometers, and MEMS microphones, and some of them use Noise cancellation.

The first set of circuit boards has the Bluetooth chip, accelerometers, and the SoC, which compresses the audio stream sent from the smartphone.

From the first circuit board, another board is connected, which contains an audio codec associated with the battery and antenna.

The same circuit board holds the MEMS microphones and the small two circuits charging the earbuds, and once everything gets assembled, we get our TWS earbuds.

Types of TWS earbuds technology?


TWS are basically of two types the one is single-source earbuds, and another is dual-source earbuds. Let me explain it a little more to understand the difference between them.

• Single-source earbuds:-  The single source earbuds primarily connect with one earbud from the source device and pass the signal to the secondary earbuds.

• Dual-source earbuds:- These earbuds tend to connect both earbuds direct from the source. That means you can able to use only one earbud at a time.

Types of TWS earbuds


There are two types of TWS earbuds available one is Half In-ear, and another is Full In-ear. The same is shown in the image. 

• Half In-ear:- The Half In-ear earbuds are best for those looking for earbuds for casual use. 

• Full In-ear:- The Full In-ear earbuds are for those looking for the best earbuds for exercise like running, Gym, and many more. 

TWS earbuds vs Wireless Headphones

The significant difference between the Wireless earphones and TWS earbuds is obese the wire. Yes, you read it right. 

If you observe, the wireless earphones are not connected with the wire with their sources like smartphones or Laptops but are internally connected with themself.

However, the TWS earbuds do not have any connected wire to connect them internally. 

Basic Points while buying TWS Earbuds: Buying Guide

These are a few common points that you have to keep in mind while buying the TWS earbuds, which are:

• Comfort:- Selecting an earbud that is comfortable while wearing is one of the first and most essential points to keep in mind.

So always go for the earbuds with rubber on the tips that hold the earbud in your ear and give you the comfort level to keep wearing it for a long time.

• Connectivity:- As the earbuds are working on True wireless stereo (TWS), always buy an earbud with Bluetooth version 5.0, 5.1, or more for better connectivity.

• Battery backup:- As the TWS earbuds come with charging, it’s always recommended to check for the battery backup of the earbuds with and without case covers.

It will give you a clear idea of whether the battery backup earbud giving stand-alone is sufficient for your requirement or not.

• Build-quality:- Always choose the quality over cost, don’t buy an earbud for name shake as the chips used in the earbuds are delicate, and if you purchase a product with a low build quality and durability, it does it wort to buy. 

• Purpose of use:- Nowadays, several earbuds are available in the market in different models. So choose the earbuds as per your need.

So if you are looking for earbuds for regular use and exercise purposes, then full in-ear earbuds are best. However, if your objective is only to use earbuds for day-to-day work, you can buy half-in earbuds.

• Price:- There are several earbuds available in the market starting from Rs 600 to 25,000 +, so always prioritize your need and buy the earbuds accordingly. 

• Brand selection:- Selecting a brand is also one of the most important things nowadays because if you buy a cheap brand, you might face issues with the earbud warranty related or their build quality. Apple, boAt, Noise, MI are some of the famous and trustworthy brands you can go with.

Advantages of True Wireless Stereo (TWS) in earbuds

Are you looking to switch to TWS earbuds? If yes, here are some of the advantages of using TWS earbuds.

1. Total Freedom

TWS earbuds operate entirely wirelessly, so you get the freedom while using them. With the wired earphone, you have to be restricted with the cables and not keep your device aside while using them. 

Moreover, the TWS earphone has no issue with wire tangle, which is there in wired earphones.

2. Easiness of use

TWS earbuds are easy to carry as there is no cable, so you can freely move anywhere. You can use earbuds while working and traveling by keeping your phone at a distance.

You don’t have to carry the mobile with you, you can keep them at a distance, and by connecting the earbuds, you listen to the music or talk on call.

3. Reduce the Potential of Damage

A wired earphone has multiple challenges, like protecting the wire from damage. If you keep these earphones in the pocket for a long time, there are changes where the wire gets faulty.

Moreover, if some damage or cut happens in any cables, the complete earphone got wast.

Frequent asked Questions

Before I sum up the things, here are some of the users’ frequently asked questions.

If your primary purpose is calling, I prefer neckband earphones more than TWS earbuds as you might feel uncomfortable if you put them into your ear for a long time.

If the TWS is not paired, the best way to reset them is to keep the earphone in their charging case and open it. Then press and hold the buttons of the earbuds for 5 sec. Once the earbud gets reset, please keep them in the charging case and then try once. Most possibly, your issue gets resolved.

Most of the TWS earbuds come with the C-Type charger case, so if you want to charge them, you can connect the cable and use your laptop, PC, or mobile charger to charge them

There is no such specific period for wireless earbuds. However, if you use them properly, they will last up to 1.5 years to 2 years.

Apple, boAt, noise, and Boult are some of the famous brands you can buy.

The primary function of TWS is to connect two Bluetooth devices to each other when both are available and nearby.

Conclusion on TWS Earbuds Means

As the technology develops, we also start adapting them, and if we use True Wireless Stereo technology wisely, I can say yes, this is one of the best technologies we are blessed with.

I hope now you have a clear idea about what TWS Earbuds Means and the technology behind them. However, please ask in the comment section if you have any questions about the TWS technology.

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