what is dell mobile connect- A Complete Guide 2021

What is Dell Mobile Connect? Who can use it? And how to use Dell Mobile connect? In this detailed guide, I’ll help you with all of your queries, which you’ve related to Dell Mobile connect.


Dell company are well known for it’s innovative technologies. You might hear recently they came up with Dell Cinema that enhances display color and contrast, which delivers richer and more detailed color representation.

Dell mobile connect is an application offered by dell to their users. The App helps you to connect your smartphone and tablets with your dell laptops.

The main advantage of the Dell mobile connect is you can access your Mobile direct from your Dell Laptops. Dell mobile connect allows you to make calls, send messages and check your social media notifications via app.

To use all of the above features, you don’t have to install any additional 3rd-party applications.

Dell Mobile connect Features?

Dell mobile connect gives a wide range of accessibility where you can perform all of your activity directly from your computer without touching your phone.

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Dell mobile connect allows you to make or receive your phone call directly from your computer. Added to that, you can also access your contact details with the help of this app.

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The Dell Mobile connect allows you to send or view the notification of your smartphone directly to your computer. You can easily access all of your social media notifications and manage them directly from your computer.

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The Dell Mobile connect gives you the option to transfer files from your computer to your mobile wirelessly. No wired connection needed just drag-and drop the file that you required. You can transfer files like music, videos, documents, and many more.

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The Screen Mirroring feature allows you to access your mobile screen from your keyboard or mouse. If you have a touch screen laptop, then you can also use the touch screen to access your phone without using a mouse or keyboard.

How to connect Dell Mobile connect?

To connect your Phone with your phone with your computer, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1

Open the Microsoft store in your computer and search for the Dell Mobile connect. Simply download, then Install the file and once it’s done, launch the app.

Step 2

Now search Dell mobile connect in the App store of your phone. If you are an Android user search in Google Play Store and if you are an iOS user, download it from the Apple store.

Step 3

Turn on the bluetooth device in your phone and in your computer. In your computer on the Bluetooth icon, right-click and click on Add Bluetooth device, then select your computer name from the list and pair both the devices by verifying the pin and then hit next. 

Step 4

Launch the Dell mobile, connect in your phone, and simply follow the Set-up wizard to set all the permissions.

You can allow permission, like sending and receiving SMS, Make and Take calls, Transfer file from your phone to computer and Get notifications.

Step 5

Once the setting is down, you’ll get the screen where all the options are listed in the left side.

The options you’ll get are Notifications, Phone, Messages, Files, and Mirroring.

At the left side-bottom, you’ll get options like don’t disturb, and settings. 

That’s all now you can enjoy the features of Dell mobile connect.


As shown in the above images, you can see the options that you’ll get after the setup is completed.

Under the phone, you’ll get the dialer tab where you can dial any number and your phone contact details. The screen comes with make call button and End call options

In Message section: You’ll get the option to check your phone messages. You can compose or delete any message direct from your system.

In setting option, you’ll get the option to disconnect your phone with your PC.

Dell mobile connect compatibility list?

As of now, Dell mobile connect are compatible with XPS, Inspiron, Vostro and Alienware PCs model with Bluetooth and it must be purchased in January 2018 or afterwards.

If you the Dell laptop, which are purchased before January 2018, then this feature won’t work in your system.

Comparably, your smartphone Android version should be Android 6 and for iOS, minimum required version is iOS 10.

Moreover, as per Dell words they’re mentioned, clearly it might not getting connected with some of the Android smartphones after qualifying the above criteria.

I hope you find this article helpful and now you have some information that what is dell mobile connect and how to connect it with your device— if yes, then kindly share it with your friends.

If you are getting any issue while connecting your phone via Dell Mobile connect, drop your query in the comment section. We’ll help you with your solution. 

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