What is Airtag: Complete details about the cheapest Apple gadget

Finally, Apple has launched it’s cheapest gadget of all time —Airtag. Most of you might be unaware of this newly launched Apple gadget. So let’s find What is airtag? and How does airtag works?

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Airtag is a small device that you can attach with your important items that you can’t afford to lose, such as your Violet, purse, Laptop bags and other stuff.

However, it’s not a GPS tracker, but the fundamental of both the product is the same. You can track the exact location with the help of these Airtags.

How much does Airtag cost?

The Airtag are available on Amazon at the price tag of Rs. 3190 for a single piece and you can also buy the bundle of 4-pack-at  Rs 10,900 (Latest Price updated on 2/5/2021).

However, the product is also available on Apple official websites and in Apple stores.

Apple Airtag compatibility?

As the Product offered by Apple, so these Airtags aren’t compatible with the Android phones.

As per the Apple officials, Airtags are compatible with upgrade version of iPhone series.

Which are iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max

However, if you are a user of lower-series of iPhone then I recommend you to check the compatibility with the Airtag before you buy them.

Who can use Apple Airtag?

The Apple Airtags are delicately designed for the Apple users, as they are only compatible with the Apple phones only. So if you are an Android user, then there’s no use to buy the product.

Their are multiple Airtags alternatives are available in the market, which are compatible with both the devices. As you all know, the Product quality of Apple devices is remarkable.

The Precision Finding, the technology within the Apple Airtags are also incredible, which gives you an exact direction while finding your stuff.

Apple Airtag features?

The Apple Airtags comes with in-built speakers. The in-built speaker plays the sound, which helps you to find the device easily. 

Added to that, the AirTag works on bluetooth and also supports Siri support. So you can easily give you voice command to Siri for searching the AirTag.

The AirTags are dust-proof and water-resistant that gives the device more durability. Company claims 1 year of battery backup for these AirTags.

However, the battery used in the AirTags are replaceable and easy to find online — moreover, it costs you around Rs 30 only.

How does AirTag works?

To use the Apple AirTags, you have to first connect it with your iPhone. Once it is getting connected, you have to open the Find My Phone app.

You can add as much AirTag you want to and rename them the AirTags, so you can remember which AirTags belongs to which device.

Once the setup is done, you can check your AirTag current location and the last  location on your phone map.

In case you miss your AirTag in your phones bluetooth range, then you can give command to Siri or use Find My phone app to play the sound of your AirTag to find the device.


If in case your AirTags lost away from your bluetooth range, then in that scenario, you can use Find My device to track the location of the AirTgs,

The Find my Phone app detects the bluetooth signal of the lost AirTag and helps you to track the location of the AirTag.

Added to that, the second option are also available in case of lose the device.

You can also enable the Lost mode in the AirTag that activated and gives you the signal when your phone comes near by the location or you can aso track it through the Find my phone app.

The Range of the connectivity is of 9 feet as per the Apple officials.

Final Verdict on Apple airtag

The price tag of the Apple AirTag is worth to buy? For me, yes, the major reason is their accuracy and the product quality.

It’s a one-time investment with a long-time benefit. What’s your thought about the Apple AirTags, let me know in the comment section.

I hope I answered your question of What is airtag and how does it works? However, if you have yet any further query related to the Apple AirTag then you can ask it in the comment.

Thank you…

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