Seagate One Touch HDD Review- Best Portable Hard drive?

4 Mins Read | Updated on 1st May 2022.

Are you looking for a hard drive that protects your critical information, offers you a classic look, and is easy to carry. If yes, then Seagate portable HDD is one of the best choices for your requirement.

Seagate is one of the most well-known names for the best hard drive brand worldwide. The Brand offers multiple models of the HDD, but today we discussed their all-new Seagate One Touch external HDD.

But what makes this model so popular and unique from their other models, you might ask? So to answer all of your queries, I came up with this in-depth Seagate One Touch HDD Review.

In this unbiased review, I will help you with all the features the hard drive offers along with their Pros and cons so that it allows you to make your decision without any doubt.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore all of the features the Seagate One Touch HDD offers. 

Seagate-One-Touch- Review

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A portable device is always recommended when it comes to additional storage. They are easy to use, compatible with all the Laptops and Pcs, and, most importantly, easy to carry.

Many brands are available in the market that offers portable HDD, and Seagate is one of them. The Brand is well known for its product quality and affordable price variety.

Seagate One Touch HDD Specifications

• Brand: ‎Seagate
• Series: STKY2000400
• Product Dimensions: ‎11.5 x 7.8 x 1.2 cm
• Weight: 148g
• Hard Drive Interface: USB 3.0
• Hard Disk Rotational Speed: 5400 RPM
• Hardware Platform: Pc, Laptops & Mac

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Seagate One Touch HDD Design & Capacity

The Seagate HDD comes in a rectangular shape, as you can see in the image as well. The HDD dimension is 11.5 x 7.8 x 1.2 cm and has 148 gms of weight.

This Seagate One Touch HDD is available in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB & 5TB data storage capacity, which you can buy according to your need. Moreover, the HDD is available in 10 color combinations.

The lightweight makes them easy to portable, which allows you to carry them with ease and the high capacity storage gives you an option to store all of your files in the same place.

They also look more stylish and give you a perfect look wherever you carry them.

Seagate One Touch HDD Security

The Seagate One Touch HDD comes with an encrypted password-protection feature which means you can store all your important files, images, videos, and documents without any worry.

The HDD features AES-256 Hardware password protection that makes this HDD entirely secure and protects your data from being stolen.

The best part is, along with an extra layer of protection for your data, they offer 3 years of Data Recovery Services.

Seagate One Touch HDD Compatibility

The HDD comes with universal compatibility where the USB 3.2 Gen 1 (USB 3.0) interface offers to use with all the Windows systems as well as on Mac. 

Moreover, these Seagate One Touch HDDs are ready to use, and you don’t have to do any formatting.

Seagate One Touch HDD Feature

The Form Factor of these Seagate One Touch HDD is 2.5-inch, and the Rotational Speed is  ‎5400 RPM.

Talking about the Interface of the HDD, it is USB 3.0 and 2.0, and the Max Speed it offers is 120 MB/s.

Moreover, the Seagate HDD gives you an ease of data backup where you can enable on-demand backup. By allowing the feature, it automatically takes the backup of the files.

Additionally, you can also enable automatic hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups as per your requirements.

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You will get 1 year of complaisantly subscription to Mylio. Creat through which you can easily protect, edit, share, and sync the data across multiple devices.

Moreover, you will get 4 months of complimentary membership to Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan.

Our Findings

During our testing, the Seagate One Touch Drive provides 110 MB/s of writing Speed and 98 MB/s of reading Speed.

The only drawback I found is this Seagate HDD that does not support our Ubuntu software.

However, if you eliminate the supporting part with Ubuntu, the HDD is perfect to use, and with this price tag, it’s completely worthy.

Moreover, the additional software saves you almost $100 right away, and buying the device is always a win-win situation.

Why to buy HDD over Software?

I know most of you have this question where you can ask why to buy an HDD when multiple software is available in the market that offers the data backup options.

So, there are multiple reasons to choose HDD over software, but two crucial points are:

1. Low budget:

Almost every application comes with monthly or yearly subscriptions where you have to pay them regularly to store your data on their server.

However, if you buy an HDD, it’s a one-time investment where you can use them at least for 5 years or even for more years.

2. Safety:

As the software companies use a server to store all the data, there are plenty of chances where the data might leak or be stolen by someone. 

Moreover, there are multiple companies you might hear about who use their user’s data and sell them to the 3rd party forms.


I hope this article on the Seagate One Touch HDD review will help you. If you have any questions about the HDD, please ask in the comment section. We love to answer them.

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