How to use Dhyana Meditation Tracker

Dhyana is a new-age meditation tracking device. It is a smart meditation ring that you can wear in any of your finger and it gives your accurate Heart Rate Variability. 

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Meditation isn’t just a posture. It’s a technique that helps to get a healthy sense of perspective. Meditation helps to control anxiety, enhances self-awareness, promotes emotional health and hundreds of other benefits.


How a Gadget helps in meditation?

Meditation is a practice which doesn’t come in a single day. It takes a lot of efforts and practice to focus your mind in keeping them calm and relaxed.

However, as we always say, practice makes people perfect. If you aim for something, the best way to achieve it by making plans. 

We’re fortunate that we’re living in an era where technology are making our life much easier if we use them wisely.

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There are multiple apps and devices available in the market that helps you to focus and improves your level of meditation. You can take help of these gadgets while meditating.

You might ask why we required a device or gadgets for the meditation. Well. I only say it’s not compulsory to use them if you can focus and control your mindset while meditation.

However, I must recommend you to take help of these gadgets if you are a beginner. I’m not a guru, but with my personal experience. I can only say, to control your own mind isn’t that much easily, what we think of.

Why to use Dhyana Meditation Tracker?

Dhyana is the world’s first device, which gives you the exact result how effectively your Meditation session was.

It gives you a report of each session, where you check how many mindful minutes you’ve achieved. There’s a detailed report section where you can even breakdown your meditation practice and check your breathing pattern. 

Not only that, it also gives you the stats where you can check how much you’re relaxed during the session and how much time you’ve maintained your focus.

Dhyana Meditation Tracker gives you the option to set your goals and helps you to achieve them by showing the breakdown of complete session, where you have to focus and where are your improving.

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The Dhyana Meditation Tracker comes with Plethysmograph sensor that measures your heart rate variability, It tracks the accurate heart rate variability and helps you to perform a quality meditation

Dhyana Meditation Tracker guides you to perform Meditation efficiently. There are three stages of meditation that are available in  Dhyana Meditation Tracker and that are breathing, relaxation and focus.

An instruction guide is also available in case you need guidance or have any doubt. To improve the meditation session more effectively, you can also pair your headphones.

There are a lot of apps and youtube videos available, which you can use during the session.

We are living in a place where it’s quite hard to meditate in our daily lifestyle.

Dhyana - The World's First Meditation Tracker to Help You Master Mindfulness.

Why to use Dhyana Meditation Tracker?

Dhyana  brings you the world first Meditation Tracker. Let’s find how the Dhyana Meditation Tracker works in just 6 simple steps:

1. Analyses your Meditation

Dhyana Meditation ring deeply Analyses your heart rate variability (HRV) and with the help of its built-in algorithms.

It gives you a detailed report on how your meditation affects your mind and your Autonomous Nervous Systems. 

2. Display your Progress

Once you connect your wearable ring with your smartphone through the app, you can easily track the number of minutes you were genuinely mindful. 

Dhyana Meditation Tracker keeps track of your daily meditation that helps you to achieve 21 mindful minutes each day

3. Measures your vagal tone

Vagal tone is nothing but the activity of the vagus nerve, the ring helps you to measure your Autonomous Nervous Systems and helps you to understand which body part are more stressed and which are relaxed.

4. Decordes your breathing pattern

Once you start your session by wearing the Dhyana ring, it captures all the reading of your body. Once you open your app, you can find the waves that show you how well your body is relaxing.

Furthermore, it helps you to understand how well you’re breathing and how focused you are during every meditation session.

5. Calculates mindful minutes

A Nobel prize-winning research stated that if you do 15 to 21 minutes of mindful meditation daily, then your body gets more resilient to stress and it helps to protect your from several health issues.

This feature helps you to calculate the total mindful meditation you’re in, so you can improve it on a daily basis.

6. Helps you attain balance

Overall, this wearable ring helps you to balance your stress level and gives you a mental wellbeing.

How to use Dhyana Meditation Tracker

To use Dhyana Meditation Tracker is quite simple. The box includes a wearable ring, long with straps, which you can use to fix the ring in your finger if it’s loose.

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Step 1:

Wear the ring to your finger: choice is yours. You can wear it in any of your fingers, only you have to take care for the direction of the sensor.

It should be in clasp positioned not on the palm side of your hand.

Step 2:

After charging the ring, pair it with your smartphone through the Dhyana application. Dhyana apps are available on both Android and iOS  platforms.

You can download the app for Android on Google Play store and for iOS on Apple store.

Step 3:

Once your device is connected, open the app and you’ll navigate to the homepage where, on the right side top corner, you can find the information of the Dhyana ring.

Step 4:

On the same page, you can check the ring is properly fit or not, along with the battery percentage. So, before moving further, double-check the detail.

Step 5:

The Blue button on the screen is available to start the session, so once you ready for the session, simply click the Blue button.

Step 6:

Choose the session. You’ll get multiple options to choose from a few are Quick session, Customize session, sports training session: Work on your mood, objective-based session and others.


Once you select the session simple, tap on that option.  That’s all now, simply meditate.

The meditation are divided into three sessions: Breathing, Relaxation, and Focus session. You only have to listen to your guide and follow the instructions.

Finally, once your session is completed, you can check your detailed report of your meditation session,

Every day after the session, you can see the main circle at the center that tells you the total number of mindful minutes you’ve achieved for the day. 

The score includes the sum of breathing, relaxation & focus sessions.

How to use Dhyana Meditation Tracker: Final Verdict

Dhyana Meditation Tracker are available on Amazon with less than a single day of yoga session price.

You all relate with  the fact that money can’t buy your health, but  the same money can buy a device that helps you to stay fit and fine.

Especially in this Covid pandemic, where we can’t take a risk to go outside for a meditation in a crowded place like beach or park.

I tried to keep the honest Dhyana Meditation Tracker review. I hope you find this article helpful and if yes, kindly share it with your friends and loved ones.

If you have any query about the product, do ask in the comment section. I love to answer your query.

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