How to make Partition in Windows 10 without Software

How to make Partition in Windows 10 and that is without any Software? Yes, It is possible and is very easy too. You only have to follow Ten simple steps to make the Partition in your Drive.

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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make Partition in Windows 10 without Software


So the Above Image will give you a clear idea how the HDD partition Interface looks like.

A few things you have to make sure of before starting the HDD partition.

The first thing you must be logged in to your computer from the administrator account.

Second, before initiating the process, you must check for the free space in your HDD because it won’t get through without that.

However, if there is no available space in your HDD in that scenario, an unallocated space will also help you begin the partition process.

So without further delays, let’s find out the step by step guide on how to Make Partition in Windows 10 without Software

Step 1: Open the Control Panel option on your computer. 


Step 2: Under Control Panel, go to the System and Security option. To get this option make sure the View by option is set to the category that you can see in the right side corner.


Step 3: Once you click on the System and Security option, you will get the below options. Here you have to click on the Administrative Tools option, which is there the last.


Step 4: Under the Administrative Tools option, you will get the  Computer Management option. You have to double click on that.


Step 5: On the left side, you will get the storage option, and under that, the Disk Management, so select the Disk Management option.


After following the above steps, I hope you are on the same page on which I am right now. 

Here is the Interface you will get. This is the same interface that I have shown you at the starting of this article. In my case, I have already created 3 Partitions which you can see on the page.

Moving further where I will help you How to Make Partition in Windows 10.


Step 6: Now, On the above page, as you can see, I have 102 Mb of unlocated space. I have already created three partitions. So, to show you, I have created a new one. In your case, the Unlocated size will be more.

You have to right-click on the unlocated region and then select the New Simple Volume to start the partition.  

Once you click on the New Simple Volume option, you will get a small pop-up window similar to the below image.


Step 7: Here, you have to put the size for the disk you want to give that specific drive. As I already told you only to show you, I have created this drive, so in your case, the minimum and maximum disk space size will be more than shown in the image. 

As we all know, 1000 Mb = 1GB, so if you need a disk space size of 300 GB, you can mention around 300000 Mb. Again how many drives and the size of those drives depend entirely on your need.


Step 8: Now, here, you have to rename the disk which you are creating. In my case, I am renaming it as “F”.

If you don’t want to rename it, select the last option, ” Do not assign a drive letter or drive path,” and click next.


Step 9: In this step, you have to formate the partition to store the data. This option works similarly to the steps like formatting a pen drive.

I also recommend using the formate option before moving further. However, if you don’t want to do that, you can select the first option, “Do not format this volume,” and click Next.


Step 10:  Now click Finish to complete the process.


These are the complete steps to create the Partition in Windows 10, and that is without using any Software. So I hope it will help you to make the Partition of your drives.

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