Boult Vs boAt Which is better? Let's Find out

5 Mins Read | Updated on 18 November 2022.

I have to admit; I’m a bit of a tech junkie. I love new gadgets and gizmos, and I’m always looking for the best of the best. The truth is that one can get overwhelmed with all the options out there—it’s hard to know which is the best!

That’s why we’re here today: We’re going to compare two of the biggest names in audio equipment: Boult and boAt.

However, before I start the in-depth boult Vs boAt comparison, I have listed a small glimpse of these brands below, which gives you basic information about the individuals.

Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Boult Vs boAt Boult boAt
Origin Country India India
Owner Mr. Varun Gupta Mr. Aman Gupta
Company Started 2017 2013
Brand ambassador Vicky Kaushal Rashmika Mandanna

Boult Vs boAt Earbuds: Which Is best?

Boult and boAt are both brands that are on-trend for their electronic products like Earphones, Headphones, Airdopes, and smartwatches. But the question arises which one is the best, boult or boAt?

In recent times both the brands have made their prominence in the field of electronic devices, and the primary reason for both brands’ success is their budget-friendly price and the build quality of the products.

Then between boult vs boat which is better? You might Ask.

Both the brand’s Boult and boAt offer you a wide range of electronic products at a budget-friendly price.

However, when it comes to product quality, boAt seems ahead of Boult. Additionally, boAt offers you an excellent after-sale service and the range of the product is much more promising than boult.

On the other side, Boult’s after-sales service needs a lot of improvement in comparison to boAt, and the product range of the Boult is also significantly less than boAt.

Company Comparison

Here are all the essential details of the brand, which help you understand the company road map. Moreover, this information will help you know more about the company and its Products.

So without further delays, let’s start…

Company History

Boult was established in 2017 by an Indian, Mr. Varun Gupta, the CEO of this company.  The company is based in New Delhi, India.

The company designs and manufactures mobile accessories like In-ear & over-ear earphones, speakers, Truewireless, and wireless speakers.

boAt first came to people’s recognition in 2016. However, only a few of you know that the company was founded in 2013 as Imagine Marketing Services Pvt Ltd.

Later, they rebranded it in 2016, and we know it with the name of boAt.

In 2020 the company because the 5th largest wearable brand globally, which is the most significant achievement for any startup company.

Company CEO

Mr. Varun Gupta is the CEO of this company. In 2017 it was founded by him to develop and deliver solutions that embrace innovation and superior value.

Moreover, the brand’s primary focus is to provide a highly-satisfying customer experience.

Mr. Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta are the company’s founders.

They came up with the boAt brand with the vision of delivering affordable, durable, and ultra-fashionable audio products to consumers.

Company achievements

Recently Boult was recognized by the 8th mobility accessories excellence award 2021.

That itself is an outstanding achievement, especially in the case where they started just 4 years back in which, for two years, there was a pandemic.

The boAt was recognized as the 5th largest wearable brand globally in 2020. Talking about the Indian market, boAt holds the most product selling share than the other brand.

Service center details

Boult has no authorized service center. It sounds strange, but yes, you read it correctly.

There is no authorized service center boult has as of now. However, you can contact their customer care toll-free number on 9555602502 (10:00 am to 7:00 pm/6 days a week).

You can also drop an email to to contact them via email.

To read about their shipping & return policy, you can visit their official website.

To claim the boAt warranty, you can visit their official website. Moreover, boAt has a service center almost all over India, so you can directly visit your nearby service center.

However, if the boAt service center is not available nearby, they offer door-to-door service, which is impressive.

If you want to know more about registering your boAt product warranty or claiming your boAt warranty, I recommend you check my posts, where I have explained the process in detail.

Company Brand Ambassador

You have seen Kriti sanon in the poster and the advertisement of Boult products, but officially Vicky Kaushal is the brand ambassador of Boult company.

boAt has singed Rashmika Mandanna, a well-known actress in Tollywood. You might have watched her recent movie, Puspa Raj, with Allu Arjun Ji.

Previously the brand ambassador for boAt was Diljit Dosanjh, well known for his acting and singing.

However, for advertising, they have many other celebrities like Sikhar Dhawan, Kartik Aryan, Hardik Pandya, and many more.

Official websites

The official website of Boult is On the other side, the official website of boAt is

Is Boat a Chinese company?

Boult company belongs to which country? Is Boult company belongs to China?

Boult is an Indian company, and Mr. Varun Gupta is the CEO of this company. The company operates from India, and designing parts was done here only.

Why on Amazon is it showing Made in China on boult product?

The only reason behind this is the product is manufactured in China, as the material costs and the infrastructure is way cheaper than in India.

However, recently, the CEO has confirmed that they are planning to shift their production from China to India in a few years. So if you are buying any Boult product, the amount is within India. 

Is boAt a Chinese company?

No boAt company belongs to India. However, similar to boult, manufacturing of boAt is done in China.
So, Is boat Indian company? Yes, boAt is an Indian company, but their products are manufactured in China.

The reason is also the same, the material and the product cost are less, so they have their merchandise who manufacture the product for them, and later they sell the product all over.

It is just like Foxconn, which manufactures phones for Apple.

Products Comparison

Now when you have a clear vision of both the company details. Now let’s compare the products of both brands to conclude which one offers you the best outcome between boult Vs boAt.

Boult vs boAt Neckband

Boult Vs boAt specification Boult boAt
Earbud Type Bluetooth Neckband Bluetooth Neckband
Driver Size 14.2mm 12 mm
Magnetic Smartbuds Yes Yes
Technology ENx tech ENx tech
Bluetooth version v5.2 v5.2
Bluetooth Range 10 to 12 meters 10 to 12 meters
Playback Time 40-hour Playback 25 hours
Charging Time 10 Mins charge = 15 Hours of Playback. 10 Mins charge = 10 Hours of Playback.
IPX Rating IPX5 IPX6
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon


Boult offers you a soft silicone band with In-line control buttons that are light in weight and provide perfect comfort.

On the other side, boAt Rockerz 255 also features a lightweight silicone band that is easy to carry for a long time and the magnetic sensors inside the buds that protect the cable from damage.


Boult offers you a 14.2mm driver size with Microwoofer and an in-built mic for crystal and clear sound. Additionally, the ENx technology removes the background voice and supplies a clear calling experience. 

boAt Rockerz 255 offers a 12mm driver size comparatively less than boult. However, the boAt Rockerz 255 also provides you the noise cancellation feature that gives you a clear and crisp calling experience,

Battery life

Boult Audio Zcharge offers 40 hrs of battery life with a single charge. Moreover, the ASAP charging supplies 15 Hours of playback by charging it for just 10 minutes.

boAt Rockerz 255 offers upto 25 hours of playback time once you charge the earphone entirely. Moreover, similar to Boult, the boAT Rockerz also features ASAP charging, which gives you 10 hrs of playtime with 10minutes of charging.

IPX Rating

Boult Audio Zcharge comes with IPX 5 rating, which makes them water and dust resistant,

boAt Rockerz 255 has an IPX6 rating slightly better than the boult Audio Zcharge earphones.

Buy Boult Zcharge from Amazon

Buy boAT Rockerz 255 from Amazon

boAt vs Boult Earphones

Boult Vs boAt specification Boult Audio AirBass FX1 boAt Airdopes 141
Earbud Type Half-in Ear Half-in Ear
Driver Size 6 mm 8 mm
BEAST mode Not Available Available
Technology IWP tech IWP tech
Bluetooth version v5.2 v5.1
Bluetooth Range 10 meters 10 meters
Playback Time 32-hour Playback 42 hours
ASAP No such feature 5 Mins charge = 75 Min Playback.
IPX Rating IPX5 IPX4
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon


When it comes to the design, both the Airdopes Boult and boAt feature almost the same Exquisite design. While testing the earbuds, I found that both give you a perfect comfort level and can be worn for a long time.

Both Boult Audio AirBass FX1 TWS Earbuds and boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds are half-in-ear tws.

These earbuds are made up of metallic material, and end of the tip, a quality material rubber is attached to hold the earphone and protect them from falling.

Moreover, on both tws wireless eardrops, you will get the control button to control the features like call, play or pause music, and launch AI assistance like Siri or Google.


Boult tws wireless eardrops offer you 6mm of driver size, which supplies High-fidelity audio quality with perfect bass. The earbud has an in-built mic for calling but has no Noise cancellation feature available.

On the other side, boAt offers you an 8mm driver size, which delivers perfect sound quality with high bass and has a built-in mic with a Noise cancellation feature. 

Moreover, the significant difference between these boult and boat earphones is the Latency experience.

Boult earphone has no such feature as BEAST mode, available in boAt tws earphone. The BEAST mode gives you a low latency experience. 

Battery life

Boult Airdopes give you a playback time of up to 8 hours after charging them completely. However, the total playtime, including the charging case, is 32 hrs. 

However, this model has no ASAP charging option available with the Boult.

boAt offers you 6 hrs of continuous playtime, and long with the charging case, it gives you up to 42 hours of playtime.

Moreover, the earphone has an ASAP charging feature that gives you 75 min of playtime in just 5 min of charge.

IPX Rating

Boult Audio AirBass FX1 TWS Earbuds feature an IPX5 rating, which makes them water and dust resistant,

boAt Airdopes 141 True Wireless Earbuds offer you an IPX4 rating.

Buy Boult AirBass FX1 from Amazon

Buy boAt Airdopes 141 from Amazon

Boult Vs boAt: FAQ

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions by the customers about Boult Vs boAt

Undoubtedly, boAt is a good brand and has a good name for its speakers, headphones, Airdopes, and Smartwatches. The company offers a decent range of electronic products with a balancing budget. Moreover, the product quality is also excellent. 

Yes, boult is a good brand and is well known for its best quality product with a budget-friendly price tag. Moreover, it is an Indian brand with many scopes to increase its brand popularity. However, their after-sales service needs improvement, and they have to keep them updated as per the market demand.

Well, no doubt that the Boult earphones are worth buying as their products are good and the quality of the product is also adequate. However, when it comes to picking the Boult product over boAt, then undoubtedly boAt is a much more promising product to go compared to Boult.


Here is the million-dollar question, Is boAt better than boult? Well, for me, boAt is a clear winner compared to Boult. You might ask why? Why boAt better than boult?

Undoubtedly, Boult is a good brand, and its product offers excellent comfort, power, and sound quality.

However, the boAt is a much more established company than Boult, and they also have a much more expensive and comprehensive range of products.

Moreover, In terms of popularity, boAt is ahead of Boult. The reason is that boAt works more for the customers, and they came up with their products by understanding their customer’s needs.

On the other side, Boult is struggling to understand the customer demands and their after-sales service impacts their customer.

Boult needs to work on its after-sales service. The product range of Boult needs more improvement in comparison to boAt.

I hope now you have a clear vision of which brand is best? Is it boult or Boat?

Which brand do you like the most? Is boAt better than Boult or boult better than boAt? Let me know in the comment section.

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