boAt Airdopes 381 Review: Specification, Price & Comparison

4 Mins Read | Updated on 27th April 2022.

The boat is well known for its Tws earbuds, and recently they have presented the all-new boAt Airdopes 381, but is it worth buying over boAt airdopes 181?

Let’s find out in this elaborate and honest boAt Airdopes 381 Review.

Airdope Type TWS In-ear Airdope
Sound Type HD
Driver Size 7mm*2 Drivers
Bluetooth version V5.1
Advanced feature IWP™ Technology
Bluetooth Range Up to 10 meters
Playback Time up to 4 hrs
Charging Time 2hrs for full charge
IPX Rating IPX5
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boAt Airdopes 381 Design

The boAt Airdopes 381 is an in-ear TWS airdopes with an ergonomic design, and the rubber on the tip of the earbuds makes them easier to keep connected for a long time.

Moreover, these rubber earbuds prevent them from falling, especially when running or performing your Gym session.

These airdopes are available in numerous color variants: Yellow, Green, Dimgrey, Pink, Light sea Green, dark blue, and Black.

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boAt Airdopes 381 Review Sound quality

The boAt Airdopes 381 has a 7mm driver size that delivers  20Hz to 20 kHz of frequency and drives the sound quality clear and flawless. 

However, while testing the earbuds, I found a bit of sound distortion when I increased the music’s volume. Overall, the sound quality is not highly impressive, but it is okay. 

So, if you are a user who loves to listen to high beat songs, I recommend boAt 441 or boAt 441 Pro compared to these boAt Airdopes 381.

I have written a detailed comparison between boAt 441 Vs 441 pro. You get amazed by seeing the difference these earbuds have.

boAt Airdopes 381 Battery backup

The Airdopes features a 50mAh battery capacity on each earbud, which supply up to 4 hrs of playtime with a single charge. 

Moreover, the standby time of the Airdopes is 20 hrs, which means if you keep the Airdopes ideally, it lasts up to 20 hrs.

On the other hand, it takes 1 hour to charge the Airdopes completely. To charge the earbud, it has a C-type charger. So you can easily connect them to your Laptop to charge the earphone.

The Airdopes also have ASAP ( As soon as possible charging) that allows you to charge them up to 60 min of playtime in just 5 minutes.

boAt Airdopes 381 Bluetooth

The boAt Airdopes 381 features a V5.0 Bluetooth version with EDR that provides a faster data rate, giving you seamless connectivity and supporting up to 10 meters of range.

On the other hand, the IWP (Insta wake N’ pair) allows you to connect your device with the earbud in a second. No need to join the earbud manually anymore.

boAt Airdopes 381 Durability

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The boAt Airdopes 381 has IPX5 water resistance that protects them from water spillages and makes them more durable. You can use them during your gym sessions or while running or tracking.

boAt Airdopes 381 Voice Assistance

The wireless earbuds feature one-click voice assistance that launches AI like Alexa and Siri. Moreover, the device is compatible with both the platform Android and iOS.

boAt Airdopes 381 Microphone

Yes, these wireless earbuds have an inbuilt microphone that you can use for calling. You can pick up or disconnect the call with a single click pick the call. 

Additionally, the Microphone supports stereo calling, which means you get the sound quality over the phone is loud and apparent, which was observed by me as well while talking over the phone.

boAt Airdopes 381 Buttons

Like receiving and dropping the call directly from the earbuds, you can also play or pause the music. Additionally, you can use a double tab to play the next song and launch the Google or Siri, and you have to Tap thrice on the button.

Frequently asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to boAt Airdopes 381.

To reset the boAt Airdopes 381, you have to follow the three steps mentioned below:

Step 1 – Remove the airdopes from the charging case

Step 2 – At the top of the earbud, tap thrice on the CTC button (capacitive touch control used to pick the call). Once you see the light indication of Red &Blue Led Light flash on the earbuds, you have successfully reset your earbuds.

Step 3 – Now, keep them in the charging case for 30 sec, and once it’s done, take out the earbud and connect it with your device. 

The boat Airdopes 381 Bluetooth Truly Wireless In-Ear Earbuds Price on Amazon is 1,999 (as of 16/4/2022)

Yes, the boat Airdopes 381 Truly Wireless In-Ear Earbuds has a microphone that supports stereo calling.

Unfortunately, the boat Airdopes 381 Earbuds has no such button to control the volume. The access controls button only helps you pick or drop the call, Plau/pause the music and launch the AI like Google and Siri. Also, you can use these buttons the jump to the next song while listening to the music.

It’s pretty simple. You get four led lights on the Airdopes 381 Earbuds charging case. Once you find all the led are stable white, the airdopes are now ultimately charged and ready to use.


Overall, the boAt Airdopes 381 is worthy of buying. However, I recommend you to go with boAt 441 pro if you have a budget of Rs 3,000. Moreover, you can check the boat 171 airdopes on the ledge to launch.

I have written a complete review on boat 171 airdopes, and you might find that article helpful if you plan to buy it.

I hope you find this boAt Airdopes 381 review helpful. If yes, then please share it with your friends. Before leaving the website, let me know which airdopes you will buy in the comment section.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comment section.

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