BoAt Airdopes 121v2 Review 2022- TWS Earbuds Spec & Price

4 Mins Read | Updated on 6 May 2022.

Undoubtedly, boAt is now one of the most prominent brands for earphones, headphones, and Smartwatches in the Indian market.

The brand has recently launched their all-new boat airdopes 121v2 tws earbuds but is it worth buying? Let’s find out.

Here is an in-depth BoAt Airdopes 121v2 review to determine these earbuds’ specifications.

Airdope Type In-ear TWS Airdope
Sound Type HD Sound
Driver Size 8mm*2 Drivers
Airdopes 121v2 Charging case Digital charging case
Bluetooth version V5.0
Battery of Charging case 380mAh
Bluetooth Range Up to 10 meters
Playback Time 14 hrs With charging case
Charging Time Up to 2 hrs along with the airdopes
IPX Rating No
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boAt Airdopes 121v2 Review

After a small glimpse of the boAt Airdopes 121v2 TWS specification, it’s time to check all the features in detail.

I have breakdown all the specifications in separate parts for your ease so that you will get all the details in depth when you read the article.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive into the boAt Airdopes 121v2 review and find the features the tws earbuds came up with this time.

boAt airdopes 121v2 Design


boAt Airdopes 121v2  offers a digital case just like boAt Airdopes 621, which looks light and has a matte finish from the outside. Inside, the case is lined with a soft foam material to provide comfort and protection.

The pouch is quite roomy, making it easy to store all your stuff. The front and the rear of the case are made of a rugged and durable plastic material.

The earpieces are just around 4grams in weight and have soft leatherette ear pads, which provide a superior comfort level.

You get interchangeable design options for different frequencies if you have experience with other brands of wireless earbuds but don’t need a particular design.

These wireless earbuds are available in three color variants: Cherry Blossom, Active Black, & Midnight Blue.

boAt airdopes 121v2 sound quality


boAt airdopes 121v2 features an 8 mm driver, suitable for a budget pair of earphones, and can reach 20 kHz at maximum volume. But even then, I find that the bass is quite lacking.

The sound quality of this speaker is perfect. However, I would like to see some improvements in the performance of bass, mids, and highs.

I would recommend these airdopes to people interested in having the best sound quality possible.

However, If you are a music lover who likes listening to music with a higher pitch, I would recommend going for boAt 171 airdopes or Noise air buds.

However, if you have a limited budget, you can go with boAt Airdopes 141. These are among one of the best boAt earphones under 1000.

boAt airdopes 121v2 Battery

The boAt TWS 121v2 wireless Airdopes have a 14-hour continuous playtime. All it needs is a single charge, which also comes with the charging case. 

The manufacturers claim that you can get up to 3.5 hours of playback from these earbuds on a single charge.

However, it took around 2 hours and 45 minutes during our test. On the other hand, when we added the Airdopes charging case, it took about 12 hours.

Overall, boAt’s 121v2 TWS earbuds delivered wonderfully, providing a great charging performance. Additionally, they come with a SUPERB standby time of over 100 hours!

The earphones take up to two hours to charge, including the charging case. They are C-Type and can be charged by plugging the charger into your phone’s charger.

boAt airdopes 121v2 Connectivity


The Bluetooth earbuds come with V5.0 connectivity that works up to 10 meters from your phone, letting you talk or listen to music without being tied down to it.

The Bluetooth connectivity is really well done, and the range of 10 meters ensures you won’t be disturbed on your other devices while still being in the vicinity of your phone.

But sometimes, when I am on the train and using the earphone, the connection will get interrupted for a brief period of time. This isn’t just limited to making or receiving phone calls, listening to music, etc.

It might be because of the various wireless devices, but I also noticed this problem only with these earbuds. If this is also what you experienced, please leave me a comment below.

boAt airdopes 121v2 Button


boAt airdopes 121v2 offers a one-click Active voice assistance button. You can use it to quickly turn on either Siri or Google Assistance to help with navigation, translations, and more.

You can launch music, phone calls, Weather forecast reports, and other features with a single click.

Moreover, they’re compatible with both Android and iOS platforms so you can connect them with any device.

boAt airdopes 121v2 Charging case


Pic Credit: Amazon India

The boAt Airdopes 121V2 airdopes charger provides digital access to the battery’s charging status, offering real-time updates via the device’s display.

It also has a handy battery charging indicator that displays the current charging status – just in case you need it!

So, with the help of these tracking indicators, you’ll be able to stay in the know about how much battery remains and when they need to be charged.

boAt airdopes 121v2 Box Contains

BoAt Airdopes 121v2 Review: FAQ

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions by the customers about boAt Airdopes 121V2 TWS earbuds.

To answer a call, you need to tap on the button on top of the Bluetooth earbuds.

No, boAt Airdopes 121V2 doesn’t have a Noise cancellation feature

No, boAt Airdopes V2 doesn’t have any features of quick charging. The earbuds can only be fully charged if the battery is 2 hrs.

No, these earbuds are not water or dust-resistant.

Based on my experience, I suggest you go with boAt Airdopes 141 TWS instead of boAt Airdopes 121V2. It has the same price tag and does not have water resistance or noise cancellation features.


I do not think boAt airdopes 121v2 are great compared to what you can find in other brands. The other boAt earphones I have tried are much better.

I’ve reviewed the Earbuds that I bought and would appreciate any insight you may have. Let me know in the comments!

Here are a few more TWS earbuds with a similar feature, so you can also compare them and buy accordingly. boAt Airdopes 621 Vs boAt rockerz 330 vs 335 Vs boAt Airdopes 181 

So which earbuds are you interested in buying? Let me know in the comment section below, and hopefully, I’ll see you again soon.

If you have any questions about the earbuds 121V2, just let me know in the comment section below.

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