boAt 441 vs 441 Pro Comparison: Which Is Better To Buy 2022?

4 Mins Read | Updated on 28 April 2022.

boat 441 vs 441 Pro, what is the primary difference? Is boat airdopes 441 and 441 Pro just a marketing strategy where boAt just rebranded the same model by adding a few extra features?

Do you have the same curiosity and want to find the exact difference between boat airdopes 441 and 441 Pro? If your answer is yes, then this article will help you find all of your answers.

In this article, I will help you with the boAt 441 vs 441 Pro comparison to pick the best.

Specification Comparison boAt Airdopes 441 boAt Airdopes 441 Pro
Drivers Size 6mm 6mm
Bluetooth Version V5.0 V5.0
Bluetooth Technology Bluetooth Truly Wireless Bluetooth Truly Wireless
IPX Rating IPX7 IPX7
Bluetooth Range 10m 10m
Battery Capacity 43mAH×2 43mAH×2
Caring Case power Capacity 500mAh 2600mAh
Playback time 5 hrs in earbuds & 70 hrs in charging case 5 hrs in earbuds & 150 hrs in charging case
Total Plackback Time 30 hrs 150 hrs
Charging time 1.5 hrs for 100% 1.5 hrs for 100%
Compatibility Android & iOS Android & iOS
Instant Voice Assistant Yes Yes
Item Weight 48.5 g ‎103 g
IWP (Insta Wake N’ Pair) Yes Yes
Touch Control Yes Yes
Price View on Amazon View on Amazon

boAt 441 vs 441 Pro Comparison

The above comparison of boAt Airdopes 441 Vs Boat Airdopes 441 Pro specifications is a small glimpse that shows the difference between both the earphones.

However, while comparing the device based on their specification, the battery backup is only the primary difference I found but is it so?

Is boAt charging an additional cost only for the additional battery backup? Let’s find it in the in-depth boAt 441 vs 441 Pro Comparison, where I will review the Airdopes separately.

Moreover, you will also get the difference between boAt 441 vs 441 Pro, which will help you to pick the best as per your need.

So without any further delay, let’s start.

Design Comparison


When it comes to the design part, both the Airdopes 441 and 441 Pro have a similar design. Both the Airdopes has a metallic body and a designed rubber over the top.

Moreover, these Airdopes offer you excellent quality rubber on the tip of the earphone that keeps them into your ear and protects these tws eardrops from falling.

However, during Airdopes 441 and 441 Pro comparison, the only difference I found is their charging position and the charging indicator over the case.

On the boAt airdopes 441, the charging position is on the rare side, and the charging indicator is available in front of the earphone.

On the other side, In boAt Airdopes 441 Pro, the charging slot and charging indicator are both available at the front.

Sound quality Comparison


When it comes to the sound quality of boAt 441 Vs 441 Pro, both the tws Airdopes offer you a 6mm driver’s size and provide you an immersive sound quality.

However, while boAt airdopes 441 Vs 441 Pro comparison of sound quality, I found a minor difference in the bass.

boAt airdopes 441 Pro offers you a perfect Bass in comparison to boAt 441. However, the difference is minor, and it does not make a massive difference to overall sound quality. 

Note: To compare the sound quality, I used 3 devices: My Apple 6s phone, Dell Laptop (Inspiron 3501), and the third Motorola G30 Smartphone.

I played the same music with the same volume from both the airdrops one by one, and as I said earlier, the sound quality was almost the same. The only difference is the Bass.

Technology Comparison

Now when it comes to the technology, both the boAt airdopes 441 and 441 pro feature IWP (Insta Wake N’ Pair) technology.

As the name suggests, the IWP power the airdopes and instantly connects them with your device whenever you open the carry case lid.

So you don’t have to connect your device and the boat airdopes earbuds manually. Just pair the device, and from next time onwards, plugin and play, simple and easy.

Additionally, the TWS feature offers a true wireless experience where you transmit from both left and right airdopes separately.

Battery life Comparison

Now here is all you have to focus on. If you see boat airdopes 441 and 441 pro comparison based on their specification, you observe battery life is one of the major differences.

Undoubtedly, boAt airdopes 441 Pro has the best battery life compared to boAt airdopes 441. However, the playback time of both the airdopes is the same, which is up to 5 hours.

The difference comes into place when you compare boat airdopes tws charging case. boAt airdopes 441 charging case offers 70 hrs only whereas boAt airdopes 441 Pro offers 150 hrs.

Both boAt airdopes 441 and 441 Pro feature the same battery capacity of 43mAh. 

However, the boAt airdopes 441 charging case comes with a 500mAh battery, whereas the boAt airdopes 441 Pro charging case has 2600mAh.

The charging case of both the boAt device makes the difference in their playback timing also, whereas boAt airdopes 441 offers you 30 hrs of playback time, and boAt airdopes 441 Pro offers you 150hrs.

Note:- 30 hrs & 150 hrs Playback includes charging case. Without the charging case, both have 5 hrs of playback. However, in my case, it was 3hr 45minutes(Approx).

Connectivity Comparison


In terms of connectivity, both the true wireless earbuds 441 and 441 Pro feature V5.0 Bluetooth, allowing you 10 meters of range and seamless connectivity.

I found both earbuds boat 441 and 441 Pro, are entirely the same when I compared their wireless range and did not find any difference.

Moreover, both boAt airdopes provide you with excellent connectivity even outside the buildings.

During my testing, I have not found any disturbance while using these boat airdopes in public places, which was with their boAt 141 earbuds.

IPX Rating Comparison


The boAt earbuds 441 Pro and boAt 441 airdopes both have the same IPX7 rating, which means there is no difference in terms of water resistance features in comparison.

The IPX7 rating makes both the wireless earbuds water and sweat-resistant as both the airdopes have an IPX7 rating they can sustain for up to 30 minutes if you submerge the device in one meter of water.

So no matter if you are overloaded with sweat during your gym session or while running outside, you can use both these boAt Airdopes during your exercises.

Compatibility Comparison


When it comes to compatibility with the device, both the boAt earbuds 441 Pro and boAt 441 airdopes are compatible with all the devices.

So no matter whether you are using a Mac device, Windows, iOS, or Android, these boAt tws earbuds are compatible with all platforms.  

Charging time Comparison

boAt airdopes 441 and 441 Pro, both carry case feature Type-C charging ports. When it comes to the charging time of the battery, both the boAt Airdopes take the same time of 1.5 hours to charge the case.

So again, boAt airdopes 441 Vs boAt airdopes 441, there is no difference in charging time.

Pro tips: If the charging of one of the airdopes is low, you can put one in the charging case and use the other one until the first is getting charged. Once that gets charged, you can do the same with the second.

Note: It is not the best practice to do. However, in case of an emergency, it helps you.

boAt 441 vs 441 Pro common Features

So above all are the primary differences that I found when comparing Boat 441 and Boat 441 Pro. However, below are some features available in both the Boat 441 and Boat 441 Pro wireless earbuds.

Voice Assistant

boAt airdopes 441 and 441 Pro, both the boat airdopes tws have the Voice Assistant features and are compatible with virtual assistants like Siri & Google.

To launch the virtual assistants from your boat tws, you have to click thrice on the button of the Airdope.

Color variant

 Both of the boAt true wireless earbuds are available in 13 color variants. So you can pick as per your choice. The color these wireless earphones are offering are:

Active Black, Active Black Indi, Bumblebee Yellow, CSK Blue, DC Blue, MI Blue, Mint Green, Mint purple, RCB Black, Raging Red, Spirit Lime, Sporty Blue, and Thunder Purple.

Box Contains

boAt airdopes 441 comes with: Airdopes 441, Additional Earbuds, Charging Cable, User Manual, and a Warranty Card.

boAt airdopes 441 Pro have: Airdopes 441 Pro, Additional Earbuds, Charging Cable, User Manual, Warranty Card

boAt 441 vs 441 Pro: FAQ

Here are a few of the frequently asked questions by the customers about boAt 441 vs 441 Pro wireless earphones.

To rest the boAt airdopes 441 and  441 Pro procedure is the same. There are two ways to reset the device.

Step 1

Put both Airdopes into the charging case and close the case’s Lid
Now open the case lid.
Press and hold the buttons of both the airdopes for 30 seconds.

Step 2

Close the case Lid and open it after 5 sec.
Tap the button of both Airdopes continuously Three times 
If the led on the airdopes binks 3 times, the earbuds are reset.

Yes, both the boAt airdopes 441 and 441 Pro feature IPX7 water resistance.

It’s a bit disappointing, but both airdopes don’t have ANC (Active Noise cancellation) feature. I called the boAt customer care team to verify this, and they also confirmed the same.

To connect the boAt airdopes 441 with the laptop, follow the below steps.

Open Bluetooth settings -> Click on Add Bluetooth or other devices -> Select Bluetooth -> Select the name of your device.

To connect the boAt airdopes 441 Pro with the laptop is also the same.

One-click – To pause/play the sound

Double click – To play the next soundtrack

Three Click – To enable Voice assistance

If you want to pick up the call, tap one time. Similarly, you can click once on the button to disconnect the call.

The same goes with boAt 441 Pro airdopes.

Conclusion: Which is better boat 441 or 441 Pro

So if you are looking for the best boAt airdopes under 2000, then boat 441 is worth buying.

However, if your priority is battery backup, I recommend boat 441 Pro over boAt 441. Which one do you find the best between boat 441 and 441 Pro? Let me know in the comment section.

I hope you like the boat 441 Vs 441 Pro comparison. If you have any questions about this article, please ask in the comment section.

I hope now you have a clear vision about both boAt 441 and 441 Pro specifications and their difference. When it comes to pricing, the difference between both earbuds is Rs1000 only.

So if your budget is low and you are looking for the boAt tws Airdopes under 2000, you can go with boAT 441 Airdopes.

On the other side, if your budget is not an issue and you are looking for a tws earbuds with powerful battery backup, boAt 441 Pro is best to go with.

So which Airdopes do you like the most between boAt 441 Vs boAt 441 pro? Let me know in the comment section.

If you have any questions about boAt 441 or 441 Pro, you can ask in the comment section. I love to answer them. So that’s all in this comparison. I hope the article helps you to pick the best.

Please share the article with your colleagues and friends if you like the article.

Thank you… 

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