Top 8 Best laptop table in India under 1000 October 2021

Top 7 Best laptop table in India under 1000 - 2021

Which is the best laptop table in India to buy in 2021? If you are also confused about the best laptop table you can buy, then you came to the right place.


Buying a laptop always gives the most enjoyable feeling to everyone, but retaining them operational for a long time is most challenging.

Did you know the most common problem of a laptop is overheating and slow performance? And the reason is not to keep them on a flat surface.

Most people have the habit of keeping the laptop on their Lap or the bed while using the machine, but that is not the right way to use the computer.

If you observe, the air-vent of the computer is always on the bottom from where the air can circulate and keep the machine cool to slow down the heating process.

When you use the laptop in a closed place, the air vent can’t circulate the air through the processor fan and caused the heating and, later on, slow performance.

A laptop table helps you fix this issue and gives you the option to work more effectively. Added to that, a laptop table also keeps you safe from the radiation caused by using them on your lap.

What are the best laptop table in India?

There are multiple laptop tables available in the market with various variants like foldable laptop tables, Laptop tables with Dock Stand, Foldable and Portable Laptop tables, and many more.

But which one is the best laptop table in India to buy? This article will help you with the top 7 best laptop tables that you can buy, and that’s within a budget-friendly price tag.

So without any further delay, let’s start…

1. Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table

On the list, at first, we have Callas Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table, which comes with 23.64 in Length x 15.72 widths and 10.4Inch of Hight.

These Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table are easy to use in any place in your room. You can use them on your bed or the ground. 

The Table has a Built-in tab stand to hold a tab or keep your pen, phone, or kindle. Added to that, you will get a cup holder where you can keep your cup or bottle.

You will get a storage drawer on the right-hand side where you can keep your notebooks, Laptop charger, pen-drive or CD, DVD. A grip handle is also available to move the table.


The Multipurpose Foldable Laptop Table has Anti-Slip Sponge that makes the table more comfortable to use and provides more stability.

The legs of the Laptop Table are made up of ‎Premium material metal that gives the table more durability, and foldable legs make it easy to store.

Added to that, the table’s base is made up of laminated MDF similar to plywood and is more substantial and much denser.

The non-slippy rubber grips guard the table against slipping while tilted. The use of these tables is not limited to use only a laptop. You can use them as a breakfast table where you can enjoy your meal.

These are some of the best Foldable Laptop Table under 1000 that you can buy.

2. MemeHo Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

The MemeHo Multi-Purpose laptop dimensions are ‎60 length x 40 widths and 27 cm of height.

The table has a built-in groove that allows you to keep your tablet or iPad in it where you don’t require any holder to hold your device.

The metal-coated tubes with high-quality wood on top make the table more durable for the user. Whether you are a working professional, a student, or a child, this laptop table is for everyone.


The MemeHo Multi-Purpose laptop features anti-slip legs with high-quality rubber made them secure from slipping.

The curve design of the laptop table makes them more convenient for everyone to use them.

You can use the table for working on laptops, as a serving table and many more. The table is available in five color variants: Black, Wood, Pink, Green, and Blue.

The only problem that I faced while working on the table was a slight balance issue, especially if you were using it on your bed.

However, yet these are one of the most reliable and in-budget laptop tables available in the market.

3.Widousy Foldable Laptop Table

The Widousy Multi-Purpose laptop comes with Tablet Slots and Cup Holder where you can that you can use to keep your tablet in the groove, and on the cup holder, you can keep the bottles or glass.

The dimension of this Laptop table is 59.6 cm in length, 39.5 cm in width, and 26 cm in height. 

The extended legs of these tables made them easy to use on a bed or the mattress. You can also use these tables on a couch with ease.


The table is made up of ‎Engineered Wood, also known as mass timber. It is durable and gives the table more sustainability for a long time.

Talking about the design part then overall, the table’s design is good. The only problem I had with their corners is they are a little sharp, so you need to give extra attention while handling them.

However, these are worth buying if you are looking for the best laptop table under 500, what rest you can expect. But yet the product is best for the students looking for the best table for multipurpose use.

4. OFIXO Multi-Purpose Laptop Table

OFIXO Multi-Purpose Laptop Table is comes pre-assembled in the box. So open and use it, no need to fix or assemble any part manually.

The Table dimension is 60 Lenght x40 cm Width x 27cm Height. Moreover, the weight is of these foldable laptop tables is 380g.

The Laptop table has a bottle holder and a groove to keep your tablet. The table’s width is perfect for keeping a 15-inch laptop with a Mouse and keyboard if you need them.


The top of the table comprises a high-quality Engineered Wood board, and the powder-coated metal tubes make them more durable and reliable.

Added to that, the table comes with non-slip legs that help you to use them on Bed, mattress, even on a flat surface.

This foldable laptop table comes with 6 months of warranty direct from the sale, 10 days of replacement warranty from Amazon, and lifetime support from the vendor via call or WhatsApp.

These are also one of the best laptop table in India you can buy if your budget is under Rs 500.

5. DECORVAIZ Multipurpose Laptop Table

Decorvaiz is offering one of the most affordable laptop tables that you can buy for under Rs 300.

You can use them to perform multipurpose tasks like a table to use Laptop, as a breakfast table, you can use them on the bed to read or write anything.

The laptop has a groove where you can keep your iPad or Tablet, and on the left-hand side, you will get a bottle holder to keep your bottle.


The material used to make the table is of MDF solid board that makes them more durable and scratch-resistant.

Moreover, the table offers you well-coated metal legs and ergonomic round edges to make them more stable and give you a quality experience.

The table is foldable to fold it and keep it aside when you don’t need it. Overall the product quality is good to go if you are looking for the best multipurpose laptop for daily use.

6. Ardith Multi-Purpose Laptop Desk

Ardith Multi-Purpose Laptop Desk body is made up of medium-density fiberboard, and the tube frame is of round aluminum alloy.

The material made the table more durable and light in weight, so you can carry it with you to any place. 

The dimension the table some is 23.6-inch x 15.5-inch x 10.4 inch (L,B,H).

Moreover, the table comes with foldable legs so that you can use it on a bed, mattress, and many other places.


Similar to the other tables, the laptop table has an in-build groove to keep the iPad and a cup holder to keep the glass, pencil, pen, and many other pieces of stuff.

Moreover, The curved design makes them easy to use for everyone and also delivers a delicate appearance.

The Ardith Multi-Purpose Laptop Desk is available in three color variants: Black, Brown, and Pink. The price is also affordable, and the table is more worthy of buying.

7. Pamirate Foldable Laptop table

The Pamirate Foldable Laptop table dimensions are  60cm in length x 40 cm in width and x 26cm in height.

The dimension is well enough to keep a Laptop with its peripherals like keyboard and mouse if you are willing to use it with a laptop.

Added to that, the groove gives you the option to keep stuff like Tablets. The cup holder is also available to keep your pen and pencil also if you needed that.


You will get a ready-to-use table where you don’t have to assembly anything after buying them. The foldable design makes them convenient to carry anywhere.

The Table is made up of MDF material, and the legs are of steel with powder-coated finished. Moreover, the anti-slip and W-legs make the table more stable at any place.

You can easily use it on your bed or couch. These are one of the best laptop table in India that you can buy for under 1000.


Many other laptop tables are available, but I find these 7 are the best laptop table in India you can buy as per their features and customer reviews.

So, which laptop table you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comment section. If you have any other queries related to this, please ask in the comment section.

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